Are you looking at cooling one large area or multiple smaller areas? If so the split system air conditioner is a popular choice. Split system air conditioners are generally easy to install, providing minimal installation costs and are efficient to run. Today’s inverter type split systems allow the compressor to run at infinitely adjustable speeds depending on the particular cooling requirement. This means the unit will only draw the required power for the conditions. Split system also come in reverse cycle units offering both cooling and heating functions. This suits the varying temperatures we experience here in South East Queensland.


There are also multi-head options where one outdoor unit (compressor) can run multiple indoor units (fan coils). This is more efficient than running multiple compressors and reduces the amount of outdoor units on your home making it more aesthetically pleasing. Drop us an online enquiry form or call us to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced team members to discuss the best option split system option for your home.

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