MyAir5 8 inch Tablet controller

Perfect climate control at your fingertips

Effortlessly manage your home’s temperature with the intuitive MyAir controller.

Tired of rooms that are too hot or too cold? Frustrated by inconsistencies or sky-high energy bills? Take charge of your home’s climate with the MyAir5 Tablet Controller. This advanced system lets you set specific temperatures in individual zones, ensuring everyone’s comfort while maximising efficiency.

The MyAir controller is an intuitive AC system zoning controller that uses an 8-inch tablet to manoeuvre how the HVAC operates within your property. It’s an Android wall-mounted device that can also be used for your favourite apps. Ditch the old thermostat and remote and step into the future of personalised climate control.

Advanced capabilities of the MyAir 5 Tablet Controller

Transform your air conditioning experience with the MyAir controller. Discover its intuitive and user-centric capabilities that give you unprecedented control over your home or business climate.

Individual zone control

Gone are the days of fighting over the thermostat. With the MyAir controller alongside individual temperature control sensors (ITCs), you can set different temps for every room in your home or business. Ensure everyone is comfortable, whether it’s a cosy bedroom or a cooler workspace.

Intuitive touchscreen interface

Installing the MyAir5 means you finally get to ditch the complicated buttons and outdated displays. The sleek, 8-inch controller features a vibrant and responsive touchscreen interface that anyone can navigate. Adjusting temperatures, setting schedules and customising your settings is a breeze.

Programmable schedules for efficiency

Investing in a MyAir-enabled setup lets you save money and reduce energy waste with custom schedules. You can set your air conditioning to turn on before you arrive home and automatically lower temperatures during unoccupied hours for maximum efficiency.

Remote access with the MyAir app

Adjust the climate within your home or business from anywhere with the dedicated MyAir app, which lets you configure temperatures, keep a check on energy usage and manage settings with a few taps. No more worrying about whether you left the AC running or coming home to a less-than-ideal temperature.

Smart home integration

With Wi-Fi and smart home compatibility, the MyAir controller becomes a seamless part of your connected lifestyle. Adjust temperatures with a simple voice command, or create routines that automatically adjust your climate alongside your lighting and other smart devices.

Versatile compatibility

There’s no need to worry about your existing AC system. The MyAir controller is designed to work with a wide range of HVAC brands and models, ensuring a seamless upgrade. Our experts can also assess your setup beforehand for easy integration.

More than climate control

Because the MyAir5 controller utilises an Android tablet, it doubles as a multifunctional device. When you’re not managing your HVAC, you can easily access your favourite recipes, order groceries, set cooking alarms, check the news and more.

Upgrade your system with the MyAir5 Tablet Controller from ClimateLink

If you’re keen on taking complete control of your home or business climate, contact us today for a quote. As renowned AC installation experts in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we offer more than just smart controllers. We specialise in installations of all types, from simple split systems to complex ducted solutions. Let our experienced team help you find the right fit for your needs and budget.


What is the MyAir5 Tablet Controller?

The MyAir5 Tablet Controller is an advanced system that revolutionises how you manage your ducted air conditioning. It replaces your traditional thermostat with a sleek, wall-mounted Android tablet. This offers responsive touchscreen control, giving you zone-by-zone temperature settings, customisable schedules, remote access via an intuitive app.

How does the MyAir5 enhance home climate control?

The MyAir5 transforms your air conditioning experience with tailored comfort and intelligent efficiency. Its zone control allows you to customise temperatures room-by-room, ensuring everyone’s comfort while reducing energy spent on unused areas.

Flexible schedules let you adjust your AC around your routines, and with optional Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensors, the system can automatically fine-tune airflow based on real-time needs. Plus, the MyAir app gives you remote control from anywhere.

Can the MyAir5 Controller integrate with all ducted systems?

The MyAir5 Controller is designed for compatibility with a wide range of ducted air conditioning brands and models. It works well with systems from Samsung, Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Temper Zone, Brivis, Carrier, Midea, Daikin, Haier and many others.

Nevertheless, it’s always best to consult with an expert. At ClimateLink, our technicians can assess your existing system and determine if it’s a seamless fit for the MyAir5 upgrade. This ensures you get the most out of the controller’s advanced features.

How can I get technical support for the MyAir controller?

At ClimateLink, we believe in offering reliable support for your climate control investment. If you encounter any questions or issues with your MyAir5 Controller, you have several options. Firstly, refer to the comprehensive user guide provided. You can also contact our friendly customer service team for troubleshooting assistance. For more complex technical needs, we offer on-site support from our qualified technicians.

Is the MyAir5 Tablet Controller difficult to install?

While the MyAir5 controller itself has a user-friendly interface, the installation process can vary in complexity depending on your existing ducted system and wiring. To ensure a seamless and correct setup and an intact warranty, we highly recommend professional installation by our experienced technicians.

What are the typical cost savings with the MyAir5 Tablet Controller?

The exact amount you can save with the MyAir5 depends on several factors, including your current AC usage habits, the size of your home and the energy rates in your area. However, due to features like zone control and programmable schedules, many users experience significant reductions in their energy bills. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalised estimate based on your specific circumstances.

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