Residential Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Investing in an air conditioner is an investment in your family’s comfort and well-being. At ClimateLink, we understand the importance of providing the best residential air conditioning installation for your family, ensuring your hard-earned money is wisely invested in the right cooling and heating system. Whether it be an installation of a spilt system or ducted system, it is crucial the right system is selected and installed by experienced technicians. This is what ClimateLink can offer you.

Whether you’re leaning toward ducted air conditioning, split systems or controlled ventilation, ClimateLink has you covered with our residential air conditioning installation services. Together, we’ll determine the best air conditioning and ventilation solution for your needs, so your home is kept cool, no matter how unpredictable the weather can be.


The Benefits of Residential Air Conditioning Installation With ClimateLink


Investing in residential air conditioning installation with ClimateLink offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond just temperature control. Here are some of the benefits our services can provide you:

  • Effortless whole-home comfort

To maximise efficiency, we divide your home into zones, allowing you to target specific areas and save on energy costs. ClimateLink also offers advantage air ducting system, which allows you to control up to 10 zones independently for customised comfort.

  • Versatile cooling

Our installation experts ensure optimal performance, and we offer a range of brands including Fujitsu, Daikin and more. With the ability to adjust compressor speeds based on cooling needs, these systems are designed to keep you comfortable while minimising energy consumption.

  • Great air quality

At ClimateLink, we understand that air quality is paramount. Our controlled ventilation solutions ensure that your home maintains a healthy indoor environment. We offer a variety of ventilation options to suit your needs, from improved air filtration to heat recovery ventilation systems. Breathe easy knowing that our solutions contribute to a healthier living space.

  • Expert Installation 

Our team of experienced technicians ensures that every installation is done right the first time. We take pride in our attention to detail, guaranteeing optimal system performance and longevity.



What types of residential air conditioning installations does ClimateLink offer?

ClimateLink provides a range of residential air conditioning solutions, including ducted systems, split systems and controlled ventilation options. Our expert technicians can help you choose the right system for your specific needs and preferences.

How does a ducted air conditioning system work, and what are its benefits?

Ducted systems consist of an outdoor unit, an indoor unit in the attic, ductwork and vents throughout your home. They offer discreet and comprehensive climate control, allowing you to cool or heat every room efficiently.

What are the advantages of split system air conditioners for residential use?

Split systems are ideal for individual room control. They’re easy to install, cost-effective and energy-efficient. ClimateLink offers various brands, such as Fujitsu and Daikin, to suit your preferences. These systems adjust compressor speeds based on cooling needs, ensuring optimal comfort and energy savings.

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